Thanks for wanting to contribute to my Success

Hey, West Virginia

I am not taking any monetary donations because I believe this is how the elite keep regular people from running for office. Most people think you can't win without money. I really don't see why that's true, especially nowadays with social media. I suppose some things are still true only because we continue to believe that they are. Please consider who benefits from this particular collective belief. It sure ain't regular people.

But I could use your help with the steps below. It would be a tremendous help. Thanks! - KC


Check your WV Voter Registration status and ensure you are ready to vote!

Check voter registration status


Check out my plans to fix our West Virginia issues. I am the only candidate with actual detailed plans and the balls to honestly share them.

Check out my fix


If not registered. Register to Vote! If registered, consider changing your party to republican, or at least unaffiliated if you want to split your tickets. Please do this before April 23rd!

Register / Change Affiliation


Please spread the word on your social media. Even if you do not agree, or want to vote for me, maybe your friends will. Share as much as possible and let everyone decide for themselves. This will help more than you can possibly imagine, especially since my campaign is taking no donations. The only way I can win is with your help. The only way we can get our power back is to work together. So, take a few minutes and blast me out there. Big Thanks!