The People’s Champion

Welcome to the New Revolution

Hey West Virginia. My name is Kevin Christian, I am running for your Governor in 2024.  I believe what we all want is very simple.

To seize our power and resources back from the corporate elite, and the crooked politicians that serve them. To use those resources to build a new, organic, and local West Virginia economy for all people. That way our kids can stay right here in West Virginia. To be raised the West Virginia way. That’s our legacy. That’s our divine purpose. Let’s get back to being Blue and Gold. Our kids are counting on us, and I am the only candidate with a plan to get us there.

About Me

I am from West Virginia. Born and raised. I am the ONLY Real Republican in this race. I have been:

  1. A soldier
  2. A black hat coal miner
  3. An Electrical Engineer
  4. A disruptive & successful business leader

I am the only candidate to have an actual plan. One that does NOT involve kneeling before the corporate elite. A plan to secure our kid’s future.

Elect a lawyer, get more laws, which creates a bigger government. Elect me… and take your power back.

My Big Fix

Four simple and bold moves to reclaim our freedom:

1. Aggressively eliminate corruption from government.

2. Reclaim and capitalize the State’s natural resources for all the people of West Virginia.

3. Secure our elections by creating a direct citizen legislature using modern secure technology.

4. Build a new local free market economy and educate our kids to inherit it.

Initiative WV

Reclaiming our power by establishing M.D.D. is only the beginning. We must:

1. Convert government into a business, the people’s business, and run it as such.

2.  Finally secure our second amendment rights for good.

3. Call an Article V Convention, amend the U.S. Constitution, and reign in the voracious tyrannical oligarchy disguised as our federal government.

4. Shrink government and expand true freedom

Parties Divide US

Romans 16:17-18

Now I warn you, those who profess to follow Christ, beware of them who cause dissensions and divisions amongst you contrary to the teaching which you should have learned, and do not follow them. These people are slaves, not of Christ, but of their own worldly appetites; and by their smooth and flattering speech they deceive the hearts of the unsuspecting.